A limited selection of MUSIC GRAFFITI paintings are available as open edition museum quality giclée prints.

Reproduced using archival ink on specialist Pearl Baryta 300gsm fine art paper.

D Minor III, Fine Art MUSIC GRAFFITI Giclée Print

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Close up corner detail of a music art giclée print, multicoloured abstract pattern,

 Museum quality fine art Giclée Print of the original MUSIC GRAFFITI painting ‘D Minor III'. 

D Minor III features a multicoloured spectrum background. The dominant visual sonic motif is embossed with a brilliant white enamel. The painting surface is a textured render relief effect. Pitted areas across the painting reveal alternative colour accents and texturing.

The giclée process produces a textured print that replicates the original painting with the highest fidelity.

  • Printed with archival ink on specialist Pearl Baryta 300gsm fine art paper,
  • Choice of three print sizes: 
    8" x 12" - 20.3cm x 30.5cm
    12" x 18" - 30.5cm x 45.72cm
    20" x 30" - 50.8cm x 76.2cm
    (The larger sizes reveal the fractal details of the visual sonic patterns in the original painting.)
  • One of the Open Reel selection of MUSIC GRAFFITI images. 
  • All MUSIC GRAFFITI prints are AR enabled to display the accompanying audiovisual remix in augmented reality. 

D Minor III is one of the Open Reel selection of MUSIC GRAFFITI paintings that are available in open editions as either giclée prints or art prints. (The original paintings in the Open Reel series have not previously been released as as a limited edition print run.)

Print only - no frame. Dispatched in a cardboard rolled tube.

Free shipping to over 50 countries. 

Full 100% refund quality assurance guarantee.




Fine art museum quality giclée prints of the open edition MUSIC GRAFFITI series provide the highest quality reproduction of the original paintings.

Texture is a key feature of the original paintings. The layers of paint and architectural / masonry elements produces a tactile three dimensional surface that adds a further layer to the visual sonic schema. The use of the giclée process along with textured fine art paper produces a depth to the printed image that emulates the originals.

Printing is undertaken by a specialist professional print lab using archival ink on Pearl Baryta 300gsm fine art paper, the prints are released as an open edition.

As with the original paintings, the prints can be activated in augmented reality to display an accompanying digital audiovisual artwork.

Three Music themed Art Prints, framed and hanging on a light blue industrial brick wall

Street Art Mural with three Music Graffiti paintings on a high brick wall in a city street